Thursday, August 9, 2012

Tamaria Talks to author Eric Griffith

I had the pleasure of talking to Eric Griffith about his book Beta Test.
We had some technical difficulties about 29 minutes in, but it all worked out!

Sam Terra is having a bad week. He lost Molly, the woman he secretly loves, 
when she vanished before his eyes at the exact same time that ten percent of 
the inhabitants of Earth disappeared. Naturally upset, Sam follows clues about 
the global vanishing with questionable help from his friends including a 
misanthropic co-worker and a childhood pal. When Molly reappears in the 
body of a man during a night of monster-laden devastation, Sam finally learns 
the truth. Not just about her, but about the planet Earth and the entire cosmos 
surrounding it. What we consider mundane reality, others consider a 
game...and not a very good one. The whole thing is about to be shut down.

You can find Eric on line:

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